Not all woodturning has to be round

I like to explore the possibilities of different shapes that can be achieved using a woodturning lathe as one of my tools. All sorts of things are possible if you let your mind loose and have fun trying out different ideas

I have always been interested in wood, metal and making things. My grandad would periodically give me tools or help me with a project when he came to visit. His help was fantastic, as he just showed me something, then off he went, leaving me to my own devices, returning later to see how I got on

In 2008, whilst collecting a second hand planer thicknesser, I was offered a cheap lathe which was the start of a new adventure

Since then I have tried a variety of styles of woodturning, and am continuing to experiment with tools and techniques. My main focus is on technical challenges, one off turnings (often incorporating other materials), but most importantly, having fun whilst doing it

In recent years I have taught others, performed demonstrations to a variety of groups and written for national and international magazines. I enjoy sharing what I have learned from my experimentation and from others

   Recently I was asked to make a set of Tudor Trenchers
   for a Tudor cottage in Southwick where I grew up

   After a bit of research, and a trip to the Mary Rose
   I could see that many of the commercially made
   examples appeared to have been 'modernised'

   I decided to make a 'warts and all' collection as if
   they had been accumulated over a period and
   made by different turners

   I intentionally used a piece of spalted sycamore
   and left small pieces of wany edge, tool marks
   and the odd worm hole

   These are now on disply in the Community Museum

Geronimo filming for the BBC's Paul Martin's Handmade Revolution

Geronimo enjoyed his outing to Amberley Museum filming with the BBC for Paul Martin's Handmade Revolution

Geronimo enjoyed the attention and recieved many admiring looks and compliments

He looks forward to seeing many more people at his future engagements

He is also featured in the booklet that accompanies the series which can be obtained direct from the BBC at:

                                     Paul Martin's Handmade Revolution

Chris Grace