Second Hand Tools

I am always looking for used wood turning or carving tools for myself and other turners, so if you have any I would love to have a look at them.

Tools used or created

Drill Chuck

   See my chuck article in Woodturning Magazine

   I made this simple device so that I can quickly mount
   a keyless jacobs style chuck on my lathe without
   having to remove the lathe chuck

   It consists of an aluminium plate with a chucking
   spigot machined on to one side, and a keyless
   chuck attached with it's retaining screw


Grinder Carousel

   See my article on how to make a grinder carousel in
   Woodworking Pland and Projects

   It doesn't really matter how big your workshop is, you never
   have enough space

   Here I have created a space saving way of mounting all your
   grinders in a convenient and easy to use way

   Just turn the carousel and you can get to whichever grinder
   you need for a particular sharpening task

   The old filing cabinet provide convenient storage at a good
   height for me, and the castors provide essential mobility

Floor Vac

   An essential tool in my workshop

   A floor vac adapter for my chip extractor. This has been assembled
   from some common ducting parts

   Version 1 had the wheels inside the duct as I thought that it would be
   easier get into tight spaces. However the internal wheels attracted
   long shavings etc. and when they wore down I put the replacement
   wheels on the outside

   This has not impeded access to small spaces, but has resulted in
   less shavings becoming entangled

Live Centre

In order to spread the load from the point of a revolving centre
so that it desn't bite into the wood too far I simply place a
heavy  penny washer over the end. At first these were fiddly to
get in place until I started using a small piece of Blu-Tack.

This technique is particularly useful when turning end grain

Hollowing Rest

   A friend asked me if I could make an extended rest for him
   to ease hollowing of deep vessels. I provided two versions
   in one. One with bolts to constrain the movement of a gouge

and another with a platform for a scraper

I must get around to making one of these for myself one day

Offset Turning Jig

   Spiraling jig made from a readily available engineers Boring Head to
   provide the precise
side to side movement with a custom made
   24 position indexing plate on the front with
multiple screw holes for
   mounting the work

   To use the device you slacken the locking  locking screws at the back
   of the aluminium
plate and rotate it as desired. There is a ball bearing and
   spring detent to provide the 24 position indexing and I engraved numbers
   round the body to make selecting positions easier

   Then if the design calls for it you can  offset the whole front plate by winding
   the Boring Head mechanism

   You mustn't forget to lock it all again before turning the next element otherwise
   you may loose registration and you will get the most horific juddering

Router Lathe Modifications

   Trend Routerlathe geared
   with toothed pulleys, with
   interchangable drums and
   longer cable to allow greater
   flexibility when cutting spirals

Tool Handles

   System handles are expensive and often rely on grub
   screws which bite into tools

   Aluminium tube, a 22mm compression joint and an
   ER25 collet, together with a suitable covering
   an inexpensive but flexible alternative

   I initially tried cricket bat grips, however whilst good
   initially, they degraded very quickly, so I now use a
   textured heat shrink tubing which is much more resiliant


Cork Faceplate

A cork floor tile on MDF backing held in a chuck provides
a very secure and  non-marking way of providing a friction
drive to clean up the bottom of a bowl